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Select your Location, Register your Business.

Manage your company all by yourself and avoid any legal or accounting fees!

+500 Dutch virtual office locations for rent

+250 articles on company formation Netherlands

+50 workflows to run your Dutch business

Company Formation Netherlands

How to start a Dutch Company in the Netherlands?

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We empower creators like you

Who have the ability to see, make connections and create what has not been before. We remove red tape

and empower global entrepreneurship.

Choosing your market

entry strategy

Our concept is one of a kind! We offer virtual office services, but include all the tools you need to also launch or keep running your business. You can opt for just the Virtual officer, or you can upgrade to our Branch Out-membership. House of Companies allows you to expand to all major markets in Europe!


Need more details on your target market? Download our formation guide.

Virtual Office
Starts at €75 per month

Reputable and legitimate business address


Mail forwarding and scan services


Local phone number

Storage facilities and other services


Phone answering

Virtual Office + Branch Out Membership
Starts at €100 per month
Component 5 – 3.png

Obtain a local tax or company number

Component 5 – 3.png

Register a branch or Limited Company

Component 5 – 3.png

Easy application of VAT or other tax IDs

Component 5 – 3.png

Easily submit your own corporate tax return


Over 4000+ locations worldwide provides your business with the basic tools to make your business feel at home, anywhere in the world. 




Receptionist services/Scanning

House of Companies | Virtual Office & Business Register address Services

How does it work?

Our Platform provides you trustworthy content such as whitepapers, blogs and useful video tutorials so you can easily keep your company in good standing with the basic legal accounting requirements for your company, while it's still on the 'shelf', or in 'outer space'.

Over 5.000 other entrepreneurs joined our community, in almost any industry you can think of. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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