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INCO Business Group is a specialist focussed on Incorporation Services. We offer quick and professional services, which allow you to incorporate a company quickly, keep track of your (legal) requirements, and make sure the company remains in Good Standing.


Our mission is to simplify global entrepreneurship, and allow SME companies to grow overseas within a limited budget, within a matter of weeks.

As a result, our Incorporation Team deals with hundreds of requests every month, concerning the legal requirements, or practical implications of setting up a company. Of Course entrepreneurs expect quick responses, and great expertise, so that they can decide to move forward with the formation of their company as soon as possible. 

But entering a new market can be tricky. Global entrepreneurs need to consider that there are a lot of considerations that can easily be missed, when the focus is on the end goal: Expanding to the Netherlands ASAP!

Getting Started; But how?

There are two typical ways to start a business in the Netherlands:


  • Company follows Strategy

  • Strategy follows Company


Although it sounds unconventional, or even opportunistic, it makes a lot of sense nowadays to start your Company first, and have your strategy follow later. The reason for this is that your market research might show other results when you already have a local company in place. Potential partners, customers ,and suppliers, might take you more seriously if you show that you have already committed to settle in the Netherlands.

Furthermore, if you decide to invest in a marketing campaign (online, or direct mailing, etc.) the conversions are typically much better if potential customers see that you have a Dutch business number in place. 

On the other hand, we still assist many entrepreneurs that want to explore the market first, or ,like to get certainty on their options to get local residency or a corporate bank account. In these cases, we typically start with a Strategy, that's followed by a Company (formation) in case our work has come to a positive outcome. 

Draft a Market Entry Strategy to enter the Dutch market

Once you decided to focus on your Strategy, our team can assist you. Based on your input and background, we can determine the right approach. 


The Strategy Memorandum that we will work on the tools that your business will need, to successfully launch your company in The Netherlands. 

Aside from the formalities of starting a company, such as;


  • Starting a Dutch business, including company registration

  • Tax and legal consulting

  • Getting a VAT and EORI number & administrative requirements

It will also focus on the possibilities and appropriate methods of:


  • Recruiting staff

  • Finding the correct Housing

  • Determine the correct (marketing) proposition for the Dutch market

  • Finding Clients, and creating business opportunities

  • Finding Suppliers, Business Partners, etc.


You can contact our Incorporation Officers for a quote, or discuss the options for your specific situation.

Executing your Strategy

In case you are aiming on creating more business for your Dutch company, INCO might also be able to assist you with the execution of your Business Development Strategy. INCO can also work with third parties, which have specific expertise in your industry. The timeline could look like this?


  • A. Creating contact database - This will include the relevant companies for the purpose of finding clients/suppliers, etc. in Europe.

  • B. Contacting companies by emails, phone calls and meetings - a report will be shared weekly / monthly to client with full activity and results (or a google document)

  • C. Dedicating time by a Senior BDM  and/or 1 hour of a junior account manager.

  • D. Complementary Invites and Promotion in INCO events/ conferences globally as sponsor, speaker and connecting to relevant business owners.

  • E. Assisting in contacting companies, liaison with potential clients, for securing contracts and business for  the Company

  • F. Creating a plan for business development together with  the Company. Plan will include examples of target clients, putting goals, communication strategy, INCO's database utilization, event promotion plan.

  • G. Promoting the company to Govt. of Netherlands, for support like NFIA via INCO Forum, meetings, introductions. 

  • H. Visiting the Company’s office once in a quarter for training, and planning, if needed.

  • I. Marketing and promotion materials (electronic) for reputation building, including 1 flyer, 1 brochures for Europe, Business card.

  • J. Initial consultation for market entry into different geography in Europe or other parts of the Globe where INCO is present by itself or partners

Checklist; Required Background Information


Basic introduction

Please describe your company, as if you are introducing yourself to an investor. Who are you, why did you set up this company? Please mention your websites, and any links to brochures or press articles about your business. Can you describe your link with the Netherlands, and why you decided to start the company in Netherlands?


Mission/vision statement
Describe your Mission, and Vision Statement. Speak from the heart, don’t copy paste from a competitor ;) We will finetune your input later on, before we use it anywhere. 


Product/service description
Be simple in your description (for non-experts), and include the pros and cons, and how easy it is to find a target audience for this product. Why do they want your product so bad?

What would you like to achieve in the first year of setting up/expanding to the Netherlands? 

  • Will you work on your Website/Prototype?

  • Get Funding?

  • Start marketing campaign/test product market fit (or did you already do that?)

  • Grow staff...

  • Grow Sales...

  • Find producer/supplier/any?

  • Other?

  1. What is unique about your product/service?

  2. Have you already concluded what your product/market fit is? Are you already certain who your target audience will be?

  3. Do you already have customers / clients at your current location?

  4. What have you done to test the market? (specifically in Netherlands…). If not tested at all, do you have any gut feeling on where to focus on, when growing your business in Netherlands?

 from our business toolkit 

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Our experts have combined their knowledge and strengths to create a tool we call the Business Toolkit. 

The Business Toolkit will help you and entrepreneurs from around the globe to truly understand the Dutch market, regulations and laws. And will enable you to take a deep-dive into the topics displayed below. 

This way you will easily get up to speed with our Company formation process, Dutch Tax & Accounting and our corporate services. 

Make sure to check out our handy checklists, explainer video's and extensively written Whitepapers too!

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