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Opening A Foreign Bank Account

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

When setting up in a new country, your company will benefit from opening a local bank account.* A local bank account will help you establish increased credibility in the eyes of local customers as well as make transactions a great deal easier.

But the obtainment process can be difficult, particularly when it needs to be completed in a foreign language. The strict compliance regulations and conducting the process remotely can make the procedure seem impossible to succeed. Establishing a business plan can increases the chance of opening a local bank account. That’s why most of our clients ask us to assist them with the process.

Open foreign bankaccount | INCO Business Group

Costs & Facilities

Every bank offers different facilities and fees. We have great relationships with different banks in different regions. So whatever your needs and budget, we’ll be able to find you a bank that works best for you!

Below is a list of the most common features that the banks we work with provide:

  • Online banking

  • Free bank cards accepted worldwide

  • Instant online customer service chat

  • Online share trading on all well-known exchange markets

  • Low transaction costs

  • Private banking

  • Attractive investment interest

  • Personal advice from a dedicated account manager

  • Anonymous payments and deposits

  • Privacy of personal data

  • Private & Merchant Bank Account

Want to open a local bank account for you new company?

Schedule a call with one of our experts.

* Please note that INCO has no direct arrangements with Dutch or overseas banks to facilitate the opening of a bank account. Due to Dutch regulations (supervised by AFM) INCO is not allowed to perform any activities focused on opening a bank account, except for making basic introductions (forwarding contact details). In case more bespoke services are required, we work with third parties that are regulated by the Dutch Central Bank or AFM. These parties will fully assist you with your financial matters.

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