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Recruitment in the Netherlands

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Getting it Right

Having the right personnel for your company can be the difference between succeeding or failing in a new market. The Dutch labour market is very skilled and adds a lot of value to your company. However, the Dutch have work ethics that may vary severely from the business culture you are used to!

The Dutch Ways of Working

  1. The Dutch are used to an egalitarian society, which also translates into the workplace. CEO’s from other countries sometimes find it difficult to be working more closely with their employees rather than just giving out orders without explanation. This seems to be more time-consuming, but in the end it leads to a well educated and very motivated team.

  2. The Dutch are known for their directness towards each other. This is not meant to be impolite, but is meant to improve processes and be critical as to why certain actions are undertaken. This translates into a well defined business of which all employees agree. This creates a comprehensive company goal as to which all team members will put all effort and energy into.

  3. This directness also translates into the Dutch being very punctual on time and on meetings, which are sometimes planned up to four weeks upfront.

Navigating through this completely new way of working and finding the personnel that meets your desires of an employee can be very challenging.

We can support you in seeking the right employees to grow your business the way you want.Schedule a call with one of our experts now!

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