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Thinking about your European hub post-Brexit?

The "Thinking About Your European Hub Post-Brexit" event hosted by EPG and INCO Business Group took place in London, United Kingdom on October 24, 2019. The focus and goal of this event was to inform UK Entrepreneurs about the opportunities of international expansion. Specifically, expansion to the Netherlands.

With the uncertainty around Brexit looming over the United Kingdom, the subject of international expansion or relocation becomes more attractive and more important than ever. This event revolved around informing about the process of such an expansion or relocation. What can you expect? What do you have to do? What are the consequences? And most importantly, what are the (many) new opportunities that will come from it? INCO has many years of experience in helping companies start their business in Holland - combined with a big network of partners that can aid in solving complex problems and ensure a smooth landing for companies in the Netherlands.

Travel blog

Our Business Development Director, Berend Buningh, has written a blog on his travels, explaining what the Event was like.

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