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Success story

Your ideal horse at a real price - that is what this innovative platform is all about. The founders Mayra Gonzalez (Colombia) and Camilo Bermudez (Colombia) thought it was about time that the horse industry adopted a more innovative way of horse dealing. 

They created an innovative online marketplace that is easy-to-use, well designed and secure and that can be trusted by both the seller and the buyer. 

In 2018, Mayra and Camilo decided they wanted to enter the European Market and started to work with INCO to execute their plans. 

Starting business in NL



The main problem that My Horse Dealer's platform wants to solve it the fact that there currently is development in the horse industry that basically overprices horses, when they actually aren't worth the price. This problem is created by the "middleman". 

By locating their company at the heart of the EU, My Horse Dealer will be more likely to get grip on the horse dealer industry with their new platform. The Netherlands is a very innovative country that is open to (digital) innovative development. This is one of the many reasons to start a business in the Netherlands. 

read more about the dutch business environment.

Working with inco

They found INCO to be one of the key players on the Dutch market and really liked our way of working. At INCO you can start with process of formation, but our clients can also choose to continue working with us and to let us help them settle the company and continue growing. 

The duo was adviced to set up a VOF structure (in Dutch Vennootschap Onder Firma), which is typically the same as a General Partnership. 

"They gave us all the legal, immigration and Dutch business advice that we needed in order to enter the market in the right way." M. Gonzalez. 

The results

" As foreign entrepreneurs we were a bit scared to venture into an overseas market. We knew the Netherlands had a very strong international appeal for foreign businesses who want to enter the European market. Then we were very lucky to find INCO business group. For the past 7 months they have worked together with us, walk us through the whole process and had successfully help us finalize our work visa application." C. Bermudez

Since, My Horse Dealer is interested in growing and nurturing their company, they have also chosen to continue working with us by making us of our Accounting Service. 

read more about our formation service and Accounting service.


up next

For the future the main focus for My Horse Dealer is to gain more publicity, obtaining valuable data, do client research and of course to continue investing in the Netherlands!  

Make sure to follow them on social media & stay tuned!

"We would highly recommend INCO to any entrepreneur or business who wants to enter the Dutch market in the right way!"

M. Gonzalez!


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