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5 Things to Consider When Getting an Office in The Netherlands

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

There are many things to consider when getting an office in the Netherlands, especially when you are a foreigner who doesn’t know his or her way yet.

So is your business ready for the next step and do you want (or need) to get a physical location to work from in the Netherlands? Be sure to check our these 5 tips!

1. Location, location, location!

Is it all about location? Well in many cases it is. Even though the Netherlands is only 42,508 km² and there are a lot of options to commute from one place to another - it is worth it to investigate where your business would settle best, depending on the type of business you’re in and what you want to get out of the location.

We have clients that want to set up a factory, we have clients that are focused on agricultural activities and clients that want to be at the hart of business in the Netherlands. Each of the above would benefit from another type of location and another region of the Netherlands.

Want to find out where your type of business would settle best? Contact us for tailored advice.

2. HUB (fully fledged) office or stand alone office?

So, you’ve picked the location in which you want to settle your business. The next question you would have to ask yourself is ‘Do I want/need a fully fledged office or would a stand alone space suffice”?

This is a question you will have to answer for yourself. The next bullet points might help you decide:

  • Do you want to do everything on your own? (Stand alone)

  • Would you like everything to be taken care of so you can focus on doing business? (HUB)

  • Would you like to be able to expand your network from your office space? (HUB)

  • Do you need extra separate spaces or meeting rooms so you can invite guests/clients? (HUB) Or is a single space good to work and receive clients in? (Stand Alone)

Would you like to know what a HUB can do for you? At INCO we have both HUBS and realtors in our network, so we can always help you to get the office you want. Get in touch.

3. Get the right price!

Being in a different country with a different culture, business environment and standards is already a challenge sometimes. The same applies to pricing in a foreign country. It is in general very hard to correctly estimate what something might cost when you’re not in your home country. You might even have to deal with different currencies! This is why we recommend you to get properly informed by a local partner, so you will not face any surprises.

Tip: when possible try to stay clear of specific Expat realtors, since there’s a big chance they will overprice and/or misinform you!

4. Consider potential growth

They say size matters, and the same applies to an office. Before renting a space be sure to ask yourself the following questions and see if the space is still suitable to your needs:

  • Will you need to receive your clients here? If yes, is the space professional enough?

  • If your business continues to grow - is there potential to hire people? Is there enough physical room to expand your business?

  • If business is booming - is there an easy way to get a bigger office in the same building or area without having to sacrifice what you’ve build up so far?

5. Get the right partner to help you out!

There is of course a way of doing all things on your own, but it may take you as a foreign entrepreneur a lot of time to find your way in the Netherlands. Especially when getting an office in the Netherlands, it might get confusing how to go about this. Which realtor do you go to? Which city is best to settle your business? What is a ‘normal’ price for an office? And most paperwork will be sent to you in Dutch…

That is why we recommend you to get the right partner in place! At INCO we will be able to guide you throughout the process and make sure you can continue business as usual!*

* Please note that INCO works with regulated domiciliation providers (DNB) in order to assist entrepreneurs in obtaining a registered office address. Due to Dutch regulations (supervised by DNB), INCO is not allowed to provide an all-inclusive solution, covering both the incorporation and administrative processes of the Dutch company, as well as the domiciliation process. This means INCO is not able to assist in any activity that is aimed at obtaining a registered office address from a non-regulated domiciliation provider. 

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