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7 Reasons to Invest in The Netherlands

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Here's 7 reasons why we think you should consider expanding your business to the Netherlands.

7 reasons to invest in the netherlands | Skyline Rotterdam | INCO Business Group

1. Location

  • On the continent, close to Europe’s 500 million consumers

  • Smack bang in the middle of the world, a global hub, makes it the perfect place for global companies to reach millions of European customers and beyond

  • Strategic location that provides the perfect springboard into the European market

  • Access to 95% of Europe’s most lucrative consumer markets within 24 hours of Amsterdam or Rotterdam

2. Superior Infrastructure

  • Ranked No2. in the world for overall logistics performance

  • Home to world-class seaports and airports

  • An extensive network of railways and highways

  • Second highest quality broadband network in Europe

3. Competitive Fiscal Climate

  • Investment-friendly corporate income tax system

  • Cooperative tax authority

  • Highly attractive innovation and R&D incentives

  • Competitive corporate income tax rate of 16 or 22.25% in 2020.

  • The Netherlands is among Europe’s most attractive countries for international companies

4. Highly Educated, Multilingual Workforce

  • Highly educated workforce sets the pace for European productivity in a wide range of capabilities

  • 90% of Dutch are fluent in English – the lingua franca of international business, science and technology

5. Creative and Innovative Environment

  • Ranked No. 4 on the Global Innovation Index, the Netherlands is home to an attractive test market, adaptive consumers and an open culture

  • As one of the world’s most multicultural hubs for creative talent, Holland is, simply put, a great place to bring ideas to life

6. Business Climate

  • International and competitive business climate

  • Home to +8,000 foreign companies

  • 50% of Dutch GDP is derived internationally

7. Exceptional Quality of Life

  • Ranked as the 7th happiest place on earth by the World Happiness Report

  • Has a high standard of living with a lower cost of living than most major European countries

Are you interested in establishing a company in a well-developed environment?

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