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Business Opportunities For Immigrants

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Incubators for Immigrants is a non-profit foundation dedicated to helping solve the refugee problem by assisting people to establish their own business. Dennis Vermeulen, CEO of INCO Business Group, came up with the idea to support newcomers in building independent lives in the Netherlands.

Business opportunities for immigrants | Incubators for Immigrants | INCO Business Group

“Incubators for Immigrants provides refugees with access to legal, financial and immigration advice” says Dennis Vermeulen. His company, INCO Business Group, provides similar services to entrepreneurs wishing to set up company in the Netherlands.

With Incubators for Immigrants, refugees are encouraged to submit a business plan outlining their idea and how they would make it work. Dennis Vermeulen and his team then evaluate the plan and help each refugee found the business. This includes advice as well as legal assistance.

“We started Incubators for Immigrants to help refugees make a societal, cultural and economic contribution to Dutch society,” says Vermeulen, who founded INCO Business Group in 2007.

Dennis Vermeulen finds the current refugee situation in Europe troubling. The INCO Business Group CEO wanted to take action against the problem, instead of talking about it. He founded Incubators for Immigrants, with the aid of other business owners and entrepreneurs. More help is needed. If you would like to support Incubators for Immigrants financially or be a volunteer, please contact the organization directly.

Incubators for Immigrants Logo | INCO Business Group

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