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Shelf Companies: What Are They and How Can They Benefit Your Business

When considering setting up a company in the Netherlands, you might come across the option of purchasing a shelf company or opt for forming a new company from scratch. A shelf company, also known as a ready-made company, is a business entity that has already been registered but has not been operational. It allows for immediate access to a previously established legal entity with a history, potentially offering benefits such as credibility and access to certain contracts and business relationships. On the other hand, forming a new company allows for customization and control from the start, but it also entails the process of paperwork, registration, and waiting for approval. The choice between a shelf company and a new company ultimately depends on your specific business needs and goals.

Business forms for ready-made companies in the Netherlands

When it comes to setting up a ready-made company in the Netherlands, there are several business forms to choose from. These forms include private limited companies (BV), public limited companies (NV), branch offices, representative offices, partnerships, and sole proprietorships. Each of these business forms has its own set of legal and financial implications, so it's important to carefully consider which form best suits the needs and goals of the company. Additionally, Dutch company law has specific requirements for each type of business form, so it's essential to seek professional advice when determining the most appropriate structure for a ready-made company in the Netherlands.

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