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The Netherlands IT Industry

The Dutch IT industry is known throughout the world to be innovating and adopting new technology very swiftly. Serving as a connection point to at least 60% to all companies noted in Forbes 2000 that are active in the IT industry. The Netherlands IT sector stands as one of the (if not the) most reliable and appealing industries in the world, known as the most connected country in the world, the most competitive country in Europe and the second-best broadband (Internet connectivity) in Europe. In this article, you will find out what makes the Dutch IT industry so successful.

The Dutch Way

The Dutch praise themselves for their entrepreneurship, directness, openness and pragmatism. Together this makes for an excellent fit for the High-Tech, IT industry and the ideal country to find solutions in all technological areas such as: Security, health and wellness, agriculture and connectivity.

Access to professionals and an eager customer base

The Netherlands ranks 6th in the world as the most tech-savvy country according to the World Economic Forum. The south of the Netherlands has been nominated as the most innovative area in the world, offering entrepreneurs and companies access to many IT professionals through the University of Twente, Delft and other Tech Companies. It is through crossovers and collaborations in areas such as these that allow for Rapid Innovation throughout the country. Some well-known innovations that have been developed by the Dutch include:

  • WiFi

  • BlueTooth

  • CD

  • DVD

  • Python (Programming language)

Also important is that the Dutch, as a whole, speak better English in comparison to any other non-native population in Europe, which trademarks its advanced education system that also scores among the highest worldwide in math and science metrics to provide a steady flow of new IT professionals each year.

Not only is the Netherlands one of the leading countries in R&D but it also offers a society that is sensitive to new gadgets, technology and are overall considered to be early adopters.

IT Review

To summarise; The Netherlands has:

Excellent R&D facilities, access to a plethora of professionals, attentive citizens, great language skills, ranked as the most competitive country in Europe. The Netherlands is one of the biggest players on the worldwide stage of IT and it's excellent logistical access to the rest of Europe makes it even more attractive for companies and thus should be considered as a potential country to develop towards!


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